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Permission to Think Freely with Adam Roa

This Is Not Another Boring Personal Development Seminar

Sometimes it's really hard being human. The suffering is thick right now and the more we open our hearts and connect with this planet, the more we open ourselves up to feeling all of it.

The pain and the pleasure. The love and the hurt. We have the innate desire to feel and yet the feeling is the very thing that scares us. What a paradox this life can be.

Yeah, Sometimes It's Hard Being Human.
But there's more. There's so much more to life and it doesn't matter how much negative news the media shoves down our throats or how much the people in power tell us to be afraid. We know there's more to this. We can feel it. And we get to help each other see it.

When it gets so thick that we feel like we are drowning, we get to help each other breathe. We get to show each other the new way of being on this planet.

That's why I created this show. It's why I started writing spoken word poetry. And it's why I feel like I must share it with you. At least, share it with those of you who feel ready to get out of the matrix. For those of you ready to tap into a new way of being and say goodbye to these self-imposed chains of control that we didn't realize we were in.

I am bringing this show on the road to open your hearts and minds to an entirely new frequency. I want to give you a taste of what's possible. Of what we can do if we truly understand how to play this game.

I want to empower the creator in you that is ready to come out and play. I will bring everything I have. I am not holding back. I've put my all in this 2 hour event. It’s not another boring personal development seminar. It's ceremony. It's entertainment. It's the new paradigm.




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