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Connection Classroom

Over the course of this workshop, we will explore the beauty, complexity, and simplicity of being human together. We will practice exercises allow us to connect on a deeper, more fulfilling level. 

This workshop will empower you with tools to consciously choose how to connect. It will provide you with mindfulness in your interactions.  An experiential evening of finding deeper connection through highly curated mind-body practices to expand our ability to be present and curious in our connection with each other.  After a guided sequence, we will participate in various exercises that are designed to add immense value and insight into the magical world of being human.  

Come as you are.  Be with what is.  Discover something new every time.    


Amelia’s journey has been one of constant exploration of connection and presence with self, other, and the land.  Her background is rooted in the food and mindfulness world’s, from farms to fine dining, education and community development, teaching yoga and meditating daily.  Amelia Broughton is a Purveyor of Connection, Relational Facilitator, and a leader in the Authentic Relating world.  She lives to inspire creativity, empower through possibility, and create magic through connection and community.