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Deep Dive // Dreamplay

Join Asia Dorsey for an interactive workshop that explores the dream state.

Dreamplay is a series of collective enlivening and creative events that help dreamers to understand themselves by working with the messages, resources, and insights embedded in their dreams and the dreams of the group members. It's in this way that dreamplay empowers the dreamer and gives them the self-confidence to discover themselves, with help from the homies and some creative exploration. Each workshop will center around two to three dreams. The beauty of the experience is that the dreams of others are often a direct portal to understanding our own waking perceptions and form a potent medicine for everyone involved. 

A little about Asia..

Asia Dorsey is a serene, green, radical dreamworker. She cultivates the seeds of collective creativity, fun and justice while emboldening radical self discovery. She facilitates dream playshops nationally and internationally with children and business executives in church basements, lecture halls and forests. Currently, this herbalist, educator and leader of the Five Points Fermentation Cooperative enjoys her time working with communities around ancestral culinary technology, herbal medicine as people’s medicine and dreamwork as a radical framework for the future. Her work ever cultivates the partnerships needed to create transformative economies and medicines rooted in the ethics of people care, land care and fair share.  Formally a graduate of New York University, this Colorado wise woman, wakes up every day newly nourished by the power of everyday people doing extraordinary things.