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Cacao + sound ceremony

Brie and Bjorn have been experientially studying healing with sound, movement and ceremonial plant medicines for many years, deepening their mastery while living in places like the Sacred Valley, Peru and Bali with their children.  Modern healing is not confined to following strict rules anymore. Following intuition and permanently checking in with, aligning and adjusting what is required in the moment is crucial, always working on the edge of HERE, NOW.

Cacao is the main ingredient in the process of making chocolate. In its pure raw form, it carries amazing healing properties on the physical, energetic and emotional level. Cacao was used centuries ago by the ancient cultures as the medicine of the gods for sacred and ceremonial events. Combined with the frequency and vibration of selected Sound instruments like the gong, crystal bowls, chimes and voice, cacao is an extremely powerful agent facilitating self-empowerment, releasing of limiting beliefs and overall deep lasting well being.

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