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Psychotherapy and Psychedelics

  • The Attic 2345 7th Street Denver, CO, 80211 United States (map)

Psychotherapy and Psychedelics: Unlocking and healing the subconscious patterns running our lives

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why does this keep happening to me? And then, how can I make it stop?” In this presentation we will have an interactive discussion on how psychedelics and the right kind of therapy can identify and resolve patterns of threat and disconnection that reside in our subconscious. These patterns often form in childhood and remain ‘under the radar’ of talk therapies and unguided psychedelic experiences. They have an unseen but powerful influence over our lives. We will look at new research and practices in psychotherapy that give us the tools to identify these patterns and explore what is necessary to support their resolution.  

Jen Fiser MA LPC is the Clinical Director of Innate Path, supervising and training psychotherapists to effectively use available psychedelics (cannabis and ketamine) as supports to psychotherapy. The clinic practices a body-focused, non-ordinary states psychotherapy that works particularly well to uncover dissociated and early childhood memories that are the seeds of adult mental health suffering. Jen was adjunct faculty at Naropa University in the Contemplative Psychotherapy program in the role of group leader, leading graduate students through a three year small group process. She has also been in private practice and taught on a team of psychotherapists enhancing and teaching the model of psychotherapy used in the clinic. Jen is dedicated to finding solutions to personal, generational and systemic traumas, which she believes are the seeds of modern suffering.

Later Event: September 19
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