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Psychedelic Integration Group

Research and clinical studies are revealing that psychedelics paired with psychotherapy is becoming one of the most powerful treatment modalities in existence today.

As a result of illegality, misinformation, and lack of integration support for those who do experience challenging situations when using psychedelics, a significant amount of fear surrounding this topic still remains.

Join Eleanor Hooper, MFT, for an integration circle designed for those who are seeking the opportunity to talk openly about the experiences and learnings they have received from their journeys. Having a safe place to speak about what has come up for us after being in these psychedelic states, is crucial for our wellbeing and the overall health of our communities. The intention here is in promoting self-expression and self-discovery.

About Eleanor

Eleanor is a Marriage and Family Therapist who runs a nature-based private practice, The Makaranda Method, in Denver, Colorado. 

Eleanor believes that psychedelics offer doorways into the soul. What follows, is the opportunity to explore where those doors go. Psychedelics have been one of the most powerful agents of healing in her life, especially paired with therapeutic integration sessions. 

In this group, you will have the opportunity to:

- receive guidance (if you ask for it) and/or support from a therapist and the larger community

- discuss ethics and safe practices for harm reduction (inspired by The Zendo Project)

- share personal experiences around clarity and/or confusion around past psychedelics journies

- use this as a safe space to talk through therapeutic methods to move us towards healing and agency in your life

- offer other resources for support

This group is not a place to:

- share "war stories" and/or glorifying the use of psychedelics

- use psychedelics of any kind

- promote any illegal use

Join us.

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