The Spaces

Our Archipelago has a few different islands, with more being discovered all the time.

2345 7th St Denver full room II.jpg

The attic

The Attic, a Tahitian inspired treehouse, is where our members go to feel grounded and nourished. Here we experience thought provoking talks, sound ceremonies, meditations and a variety of experiences that recharge the mind, body and soul. 

3832 Tennyson Denver front room all II.jpg

the garage

The Garage is where our members are inspired to create and connect while using their hands. Here we explore our inherently artistic nature with opportunities to paint, woodwork, and craft anything imaginable. Members have access to a variety of craft supplies, industrial sewing equipment, a 3D printer, and a full woodshop.  


The basement

Set to launch in July 2019 is the Basement which will blend the feel of a glamorous 1920’s lounge with an underground Berlin club. This is where our members will enjoy dance performances, art exhibitions, dinners, and musical experiences.